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3CX - VoIP Telephony

3cx-partner 3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software-based IP PBX PBX hardware replacement. It is based on the SIP protocol and supports most popular IP phones, VoIP gateways and VoIP providers.
It also allows you to use and manage the PSTN lines. It is easy to manage and can be fully integrated with the existing network infrastructure.


  • 3CX Phone can use the existing network without having to use telephone wires.
  •      Easier to install and manage via the management internet console
  •      Solution much cheaper than the standard PABX
  •      The possibility of connecting remote workers
  •      Ability to individually configure the line by the user via the user self-service portal
  •      No need to lock into one vendor through the ability to use any SIP phone
  •      Answering and making the connection to allow the use of existing telephone lines using VoIP gateways
  •      Savings resulting from the use of cheap VoIP / SIP

3cx screenshot managementconsoleFuncionality:

  •      3CX Call Assistant Desktop Control
  •      3CXPhone-integrated VoIP SoftPhone
  •      Web-based management console for easy administration
  •      Unlimited number of extensions
  •      3CX VoIP Client - increases the user-friendliness and improves mobility
  •      BLF - detect and eliminate phone tag
  •      Integration with MS Outlook / - creation calls directly from your favorite CRM
  •      Smooth connection of new branches
  •      3CX Tunnel - for easy remote connections
  •      Fax server
  •      Unified Messaging - send voice mail and fax to e-mail
  •      Unlimited voice announcements and virtual secretaries
  •      Easier management of a web browser
  •      Unlimited number of internal subscribers
  •      Provisioning - auto-configuration of phones
  •      intercom
  •      Advanced call forwarding capabilities in providing information on caller ID, time and type of call
  •      Queuing, call recording, and creating conference rooms
  •      Parking, acquisition, forwarding calls

Here You can view the brochure (PDF) or download 3CX Phone System for Windows.

More information about 3CX and VoIP can be found at 3CX VoIP Blog.


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