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Virtualization infrastructure and management

You can simplify your IT infrastructure possessed by creating a dynamic and flexible data center solutions using proven server virtualization and data center VMware, which is based on industry-leading virtualization platform - VMware vSphere.

The application of these solutions ensures continuous innovation infrastructure, while meeting SLAs conditions for enterprise applications and reduce time to market in the allocation of resources to applications and their transition to higher versions. VMware's virtualization solutions help to reduce capital expenditures by consolidating servers and operating costs through automation. At the same time, these solutions minimize the risk of loss of revenue due to planned and unplanned downtime.

With VMware vCenter Operations can automatically manage the operations of the new dynamic virtual infrastructures, enabling faster delivery of services, improve operational performance, ensure compliance and reduce risk.

With VMware vCenter Operations can automatically manage the operations of the new dynamic virtual infrastructures, enabling faster delivery of services, improve operational performance, ensure compliance and reduce risk.

  •      Reduce costs by increasing energy efficiency and lower the hardware requirements resulting from server consolidation.
  •      Creating a business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions and high availability throughout the datacenter offered by VMware Site Recovery Manager.
  •      Virtualization enterprise applications, including Oracle software, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and SAP, as well as providing the highest levels of SLAs and top performance.
  •      Using based on sets of rules, and to guarantee compliance automation and maintenance-free performance with infrastructure offered by vCenter Product Family for virtualization management.


Why Choose VMware for your virtualization environment?

Virtualization, as such, has many advantages, but VMware's virtualization solutions are based on reliable, proven in production environments basis. These solutions have been selected by more than 250 000 customers, including all of the Fortune 100 With VMware vSphere - the most advanced virtualization platform - we offer solutions covering the entire infrastructure, from the desktop to the data center, which also allows the use of already made investments in infrastructure. Our solutions can be integrated with the customer's entire IT infrastructure and tools used by the management. And that's not all, because we get a lower total cost of ownership than those offered by any of our competitors.

More informations about solutions of company VMware>>

Virtualization of desktop computers

Delivering desktops as a managed service to create a more flexible IT infrastructure, which in turn will help us to respond more quickly to changes in the market and exploit new business opportunities. Faster and more consistent deployment of applications and desktops on a larger number of different clients can reduce costs and increase service levels. Application Virtualization enables extends the life of legacy applications and eliminate installation conflicts. Desktops can move to the cloud and share them in the form of managed services, when needed, in remote offices and branch offices. This will enable the appropriate level of control and security.


  •      Streamlined deployment and management by delivering desktops as a service.
  •      Windows application virtualization enables easier migration of the operating system as a single package can be deployed in any location.
  •      Providing secure remote teleworkers and temporary workers does not reduce performance or security.


Application Virtualization for the enterprise

You can virtualize even demanding applications such as Exchange and Oracle, which enables organizations to achieve and exceed the performance of physical servers while eliminating the need for redundant resource allocation. Dynamically allocating resources to applications in need of VMware vSphere can ensure appropriate service levels and maximize the efficiency of use of the infrastructure. Setting up a standardized catalog of services enables deployment of applications in a matter of minutes. This is possible thanks to the on-demand allocation of resources in a manner consistent application instances. In the list of suppliers listed company VMware to officially support their applications running on the VMware platform. These include Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.


  •      Doubling the capacity of the system by running all Exchange server roles, Exchange, including the Mailbox server, the VMware vSphere platform.
  •      Consolidating SQL vSphere platform can reduce costs by 50%, while speeding up delivery of databases and ensure the quality of services related to databases.
  •      Virtualization software allows easy scaling SharePoint resources on an ongoing basis, carrying the load when required, and support for planned maintenance without downtime.
  •      Starting database, middleware and applications from Oracle's vSphere platform can shorten the time to market and lower total cost of ownership.


The best technical solutions in the field of virtualization

Introduction of virtualization across the enterprise

VMware virtualization solutions work with a wide range of hardware and software (storage, network hardware and software, and products in the field of security). VMware is committed to supporting open standards for the licensing and interoperability, allowing customers to use the solutions that best meet their needs, and do not need to use specific software and hardware vendors. In our Technical Resource Center provides detailed information about the main components of a virtual infrastructure.
Security and compliance are the most important elements of successful implementation of virtualization. VShield product line provides better protection than the physical security systems, from the edge to the end point. For more information on virtualization security.

  •      The virtual network functions are used, the standards and principles of physical networks. VLANs allow you to scale types of network traffic, while maximizing the total isolation on a single physical hardware device. For more information about virtual networks.
  •      Storage virtualization allows efficient access to shared storage resources and increase the efficiency of use of storage arrays. For more information about managing storage for virtual machines.
  •      A full understanding of the best practices for implementing and optimizing virtualized infrastructure can improve the performance of your applications. For more information on virtualization security.

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