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Data recovery

diagnoza1The right place! Arrange a free diagnosis ... verify whether we can recover it for you ...

Fortunately, in most cases, they do not recover a problem for us because we also diagnose for free ... right place! Arrange a free diagnosis ..., verify whether we can recover it for you ...


I think each one of us happened to lose data. Many people forget that the media do not give ANY guarantee the sustainability of information. Both hard drives and CD / DVDs are susceptible to the passage of time - a normal drive on your computer does not read very often have 10-year-old CD!

What if you can not read data from the disc or from hard drive?

Do not worry! It's that simple drive can not read the information stored on the disc or drive, does not mean that the data were lost. However, in order to determine their chance of recovery, we need to make a diagnosis in a specialized laboratory.

So if you have lost the data on which much you care about are:

  •      do not make any rash action - data recovery attempts on their own can make it difficult for us to work,
  •      give us drive with the lost information,
  •      Describe Us the cause of data loss.

Diagnosis of drive

When we receive your media specialist will carry out the diagnosis for FREE *.

With our diagnosis, you will learn:

  •      what is the cause of data loss,
  •      if you can even recover the data, and if so, what are the costs
  •      which data can be recovered (draw up a detailed list of recoverable files)
  •      how long recovery will take.

After the diagnosis, the media will quote the effective cost of data recovery services. If the data is recoverable, but cancel your service recovery, you will need to cover the cost of diagnosis. However, if you agree to restore the data or if the data can not be recovered PAY NOTHING *.

How to we recover your data?

If you entrust us to recover your data, you can be sure that you entrust your drive in good hands. If the method developed by us, we are not able to restore the data all is not lost yet! We work with VS DATA, a leader in data recovery. The company has its own specialized laboratory and data recovery also deal with experienced engineers. Developed by VS DATA technologies can recover data from any media, and regardless of the type of damage and uses the operating system!

So if you lose your data, do not delay the decision - tell us about the media for the diagnosis! Call us to find out about the details, tell us in person or send a carrier to the address available THERE.

* Diagnosis is free for taking in the process of data recovery, or if you can not restore the data. In case of cancellation of services at the stage of diagnosis, with the possibility of data recovery charge is 100 zł net.

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