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Data erase

usuwa1If you run a business, you know for sure how important it is to destroy data. Contrary to popular belief, all the "traditional" ways to delete data ... do not delete them!

If you know ? :

  • emptying the recycle bin on Windows,
  • or format the disk or CD / DVD
  • or the more conventional media scratch with a sharp tool

you can not be sure that the data is permanently deleted?

Simply removing the data from the computer only blurs the corresponding entry in the file allocation table - in a special laboratory data can be recovered without any major problems (see our range of data recovery !).


Undoubtedly, We are aware how dangerous might be leaking information from your company - it threatens not only the acquisition of data by the competition, but also the loss of the image and credibility of the company, not to mention a violation of the law of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data.


If you really want to permanently destroy data - we will do it for you!

We offer permanent and irreversible deletion of data. It is the process of the interaction with the data on the media, which prevents their reproduction, even in a specialized laboratory.


Exapmple :

  • pass computer to another employee,
  • selling a used computer letterhead,
  • replacing a failed hard drive
  • disposing of records and other sources of information about the company,
  • destroy existing reports, correspondence, reports, contacts, etc.

you absolutely need to make sure that permanently erase the data!

Remember !

The fact that some of the information you are no longer relevant and you can destroy them, does not mean that for someone else does not prove to be an invaluable knowledge that can turn against you!

Data that absolutely must be permanently removed from any media, include:

  • personal information about employees,
  • payroll
  • correspondence,
  • credit card numbers, accounts and invoices,
  • list of customers and partners,
  • internal reports,
  • report
  • projects
  • specimen signatures.


Permanently delete the data should first of all companies - not just large corporations but also small and medium enterprises. If we care about your reputation and customer trust, you can not afford any damage to the image of your company or just your person.

Therefore, the effective erasure of data should ensure in particular:

  • doctors (medical history, medical records, personal data),
  • lawyers (secret files of personal data)
  • marketing departments (customer database companies, important contracts, personal data),
  • banks (credit card numbers, bank accounts, bank documents, personal data),
  • offices, local government units (important documents, personal data of applicants).
  • military units (secret plans, documents, personal data conscripts)
  • other companies and institutions, which are important documents and personal data of customers.


If you already know that you also need to ensure effective and permanently erase your data, you can provide us with a suitable carrier. This way you will be sure that the data will never fall into the wrong hands!

We use data destruction algorithms that have been developed for government agencies:

  • DoD (US Department of Defense) 5220.22-M,
  • NAVSO P-5239-26 RLL,
  • NAVSO P-5239-26 MFM,
  • VSITR,
  • GOST P50739-95,
  • Scheiner's Algoritm,
  • Guttman's Algortim.

By analyzing the type of data removed and the degree of confidentiality, we use specially prepared information units stored sequences. Selection of appropriate algorithms, number of passes and the type of strings of bits stored adapt to your specific needs.

Each disk is subjected to erasure of data in a number of cycles. We use up to 35-times overwrite disk space - after such a procedure, the data already OBTAIN NO ONE!


Because we know that you care about the confidentiality of data to delete (or not asked you about their deletion), take care of their safe transport. All you have to contact us in any way (by phone, e-mail), and we immediately take away from you media data to be deleted.

To ensure maximum safety for media, reception, transport and clearing is always done according to strict procedures: All activities are recorded, and the customer carrier transport to the laboratory, where the data from the media will be removed in the presence of a committee shall be sealed, protective envelopes. Envelopes are certified by Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police Headquarters.

So if you want to be sure that your data will certainly be EFFECTIVELY and permanently deleted - do not hesitate to contact now with our company, which has picked up your media with the information to be removed.


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