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Microsoft dynamics CRM

CRMCRM is a flexible, easy-to-use and innovative platform for customer relationship management. Customers are demanding more and more from us.

Everyone wants to be treated individually, I want to feel that we know and remember everything that was in our joint business contacts happened. This is made ​​possible by inteligentym solutions - such as CRM 4.0.


Expand your business rapidly, thanks to a new way of customer relationship management - CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The system allows everyone in your company in a simple and fast way to get all the information necessary for customer service. CRM allows you to create a central database of information on all existing contacts. CRM is fully compatible with Office software, including Microsoft Outlook.

From the email program your employees have access to information, which allows them to operate, conduct professional correspondence to customers and made ​​the offer, which really need. Contacts will be successful, because your employee through CRM will know exactly who you are dealing with. With CRM create a good and effective sales strategy, because you will easily use all the previously accumulated knowledge and experience.

CRM ensures ease of use of its full cooperation
Microsoft software is used in your business

o you do not incur additional costs associated with staff training (panel is intuitive CRM) and do not waste time after the implementation of the system. Full cooperation with Outlook ensures rapid increase efficiency of your employees and the costs arising from the lease of CRM return immediately! With CRM your employees save time and do not distract your attention, because they act at all times in the same - a simple and friendly environment. Quickly and easily find the information you need.


In addition, CRM provides easy and quick retrieval of data, eg to Excel. This allows the preparation of reports, and hence the effectiveness of the test becomes simple. Easy content management - within the CRM will have access to data about customers using contextual links, without having to search through the database! The appearance of the panel to fit your needs, without losing its functionality. Easy to manage tasks and contact with customers through an integrated calendar. Tools for reporting and analysis to help you prepare a strategy for the future and help to eliminate errors as soon as they appear, and see the opportunities.


Your employees can even field a laptop, mobile phone or PDA to access the source of invaluable data during negotiations.

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