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ofertaCompService Company was founded in 2002. We first of all comprehensive IT support. We have rich experience and enjoy a high trust, so that each year we grow new and satisfied customers. The full range of our services, you will see the Health Informatics department.


The leading position in our offer is care for companies. So far, we have taken care of this for 11 subjects, and a dozen or so companies temporarily use our services. We offer permanent care information technology, in particular the newly established branch companies whose IT department is located in a different city. This type of service is called from the site. Outsourcing IT is the backbone of our business, while other companies such services only play the role of the additive in the offer.


  1. We realize that the market there are plenty of companies that deal in the business of IT. What makes us different from them?
    Remote Support - Helpdesk
    What is the Helpdesk? It can immediately contact us. Every customer who needs our help immediately, can instantly connect with a specialist from our company. How is this possible? Well, the customer just one mouse click starts the program on your computer, so that our staff can see the image currently displayed on the client. This type of customer contact with our professional in most cases, allows for effective removal of defects!

  2. Permanent access to the admin panel
    Our asset management system for each client makes it easy to view and edit information about inventoried resources (such as computers, printers, software licenses). Any customer who uses our services in one place is under the control of all its resources.

  3. Microsoft Certified Professional
    From 10 October 2008, we have Microsoft Certified Professional, and from 28 October - a Microsoft Small Business Specialist. These are just two key certificates, which document our experience in the IT industry. The rest of the certificates granted our company you can read in the section Certificates.

  4. Multilingualism our staff
    Many of our customers are foreigners, so we made sure it would also enable them to benefit from our services. In our company we hired only those professionals who use English at least communicative.

  5. Convenient location
    Because visits to customers are an integral part of our business, we chose for our company very convenient location.
    CompService headquarters is located at ul. Rumla, and office and service - in the city center street. Doki 1 - it is the ideal exit point for our customers.

We invite You to cooperate and to read full presentation of our offer.

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We are offering you professional advising in the IT branch, Ensuring full-scale technical support, combined with solving any technical problems! We guarantee help in case you are planning to set up your own website: we will position it accordingly, configure the site at your office, in addition, we will select and purchase the optimal matching sets Your computer requirements - yuo will not have to use other companies' services since we will guarantee a full-scale IT service!
We invite you to visit the SERVICES FOR COMPANIES section, where all details of the offer have been described.


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